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Experience the new way to do business




Big display for superior multitasking

Write emails while referring to spreadshit, or have a document open while you discuss it via text. Multitasking is easy with the adjustable split screen because you can see more of a presentation or article needed.


Work with a fast, energy-efficient engine

When you are working on large-scale projects, you can be sure your Galaxy S8 or S8+ will be fast with the 10nm AP. It is powerful and lets you effortlessly manage multiple tasks with ease.


Business goes on rain or shine

Whether you are out in the field or in the rain, you will still need your Galaxy S8 or S8+ to work. Thankfully with its water and dust resistance, you can carry on with business in spite of the conditions.


Expandable option for business

The Hybrid SIM tray on the Galaxy S8 and S8+ allows you to use an additional local SIM card during business trips overseas or keep your business and private numbers separately.





Iris scanning, speed and security

The iris scanning option is an enhanced security measure for the device and the apps on it. The patterns in your irises are virtually impossible to replicate, making iris authentication one of the safest way to keep and access your business data from prying eyes.


Accessing your corporate account is easy and safe.

Samsung Pass lets you access mobile services in a secure and simple manner by scanning either your iris or fingerprint to verify your identity.


Safeguard your business with real-time protection

Your work is safe on your Galaxy S8 or S8+ because the newly updated Knox 2.8 platform protects it from malicious snooping and malware attacks.





Introducing the new desktop experience

The convenience of a desktop in your hand with Samsung Dex. All you need is access to a big screen, keyboard, and mouse. Samsung Dex allows you to see more content with an expanded interface, and easily access emails, photos, and files from your phone.


A new way to search and work

When you need language help to keep your business trip or meeting running  smoothly, turn on Bixby to get translation for document. Open the camera and put a business card in the frame to have it added to your contacts.


Information tailored to you

Access Bixby (Home) any time by pressing the Bixby key or swiping right  from the home screen. Bixby (Home) is a personalized dashboard with pertinent information and direct access to the apps you need throughout the workday.