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What is 4G ?

4G is the fourth generation of mobile phone technology that follows on from the existing 3G and 2G mobile technology. 4G enables browsing at a speed 3 times higher than 3G, with a theoretical maximum throughput of 75Mbit / s, 100Mbit / s or 150Mbit / s depending on the coverage and with a compatible device..


How to access the Orange 4G?

It’s simple!

  • Obtain a 4G SIM from an Orange point of sale or go to one of our agencies to exchange your current SIM and receive 4 Gigabyte valid for 04 days.
  • Then insert your 4G SIM into your phone. If it is not 4G compatible, you can get one from 25,900 FCFA in an Orange outlet.
  • Activate the 4G settings on your smartphone. To set up your smartphone, simply send "orange" to 932.
  • All you have to do is subscribe to one of our packages at # 145 * 2 # or # 119 # for Orange content (Orange TV, Orange Pulse, etc.).

And now, the very high speed is now in your hands


What can you do with 4G

Experience a unique experience with the Orange 4G network.


Stream videos on HD

Watch your HD videos streaming without interruption from your smartphone, tablet or PC. Enjoy Orange offers with 4G:

- You want to watch your programs wherever you are, go to Orange mobile TV at

- For music lovers, watch clips from your favourite stars. Watch Trace from your smartphone by downloading the Orange Pulse application. Application available on Google Play.



For E-Sports and video games enthusiasts, discover the gaming offer of Orange Cameroon:

- Play hundreds of online games (arcade, action, adventure, puzzle or educational game, sport, etc.) from the Orange Pulse application. Application available on Google Play.

- Discover Orange Gaming, an Orange Cameroon platform dedicated to e-Gaming.

Experience the e-Gaming experience with 4G!


Cloud Pro

Back up your data securely online and log in anywhere from your PC, tablet or smartphone to access it. Grow your business by having continuous access to your data from any device. For more information on this offer, contact our business team at

*4G now available in Douala and Yaounde